Our Philosophy

Architecture is the learned game correct and magnificent of forms assembled in the light.


JSC EGL Studija was founded in 2004. The valuable experience accumulated and work completed at the company allow us to undertake the design of buildings and urban projects having varied purposes. Many structures and their complexes have been created and implemented in Lithuania, Latvia, Montenegro, Belarus, and Kazakhstan: public, commercial, and small business buildings; individual residential homes; and apartment buildings and their complexes.

JSC “EGL STUDIJA” is a certified design Company (certificat No. 5712). JSC „EGL studija“ executes its functions in a real estate development market from 2004.


JSC „EGL STUDIJA“ is providing these services:

Evaluation of investments

Preparation of feasibilities study;
Territory planning

Preparation pre-design solutions

Design project proposal

Urban analysis of territory;
Urban plannig of territory;
Preparation of sketch projects;
Evaluation of alternatives of building engineering systems.


Preparation the design tasks;
Design of various buildings;
Preparation technical projects (all parts or separately);
Preparation of tender documents;
Management of design works.




Preparation of detail projects (all parts or separately);
Design supervision;


The Company is constantly raising the qualification of its employees, especially in areas related with energy saving and ecological architecture (self-sustaining and passive buildings, based on innovative technologies).


Architectural building BIM modeling

ArchiCad BIM modeling of urban complexes


For the last three years, the Credit Bureau has granted Creditinfo the certificate “Strongest in Lithuania”. These are certificates that certify that the company and the company manager are reliable, timely and have a high probability of fulfilling their financial obligations. These certificates are intended to demonstrate the company’s financial stability and reliability. Certified company or manager can prove to both present and potential business partners or clients that they are financially reliable, that is, they can timely fulfill their financial obligations.